Sunday, 25 April 2010

Run to the hill's

At long last I made my first trip to the Welsh hills for 2010, it was December when I was there last!
Cad west on the first day saw several passes from the RAF Valley Hawk's that soon got the eye and panning back in shape, then in fabulous late afternoon light we got a Hercules, plus T12 and GR9 Harriers. I packed up at 6pm because the shadow of Cader was lengthening across the pass, true to form I got "carparked" by a GR4 at 6:10 pm.
Day 2 was a great day; I tried a new site that has been in my sight's for several months; it has struck me as being the other best place (to Corris) to shoot F15E's, the LN boy's turned up, did the passes just "as it say's on the tin" and landed Keith Williams and I a Low-fly jackpot win, with the Boscombe Alpha jet, GR4s, 2 Typhoons, a Hercules and several Hawks we just needed a Harrier to complete the set!

Friday, 2 April 2010

Civil stuff at Stansted

OK its not fast jets down low in the Welsh valleys still, hopefully the weather will coincide with a gap in my schedule so I can get there; but Stansted for a couple of hours on Sunday afternoon can be quite good too, the planes are colourful!
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