Wednesday, 18 June 2008

HDR Typhoon

Could not resist reworking these images to High Dynamic Range (HDR) they involved 5 convertions from the RAW file at 1 stop increments, (from -2 to +2 stops) images then tonemapped and combined to form one image, with further processing in CS3.

Tuesday, 17 June 2008

Terrific Typhoon

Over the past 45 plus years I have seen lots of amazing aircraft at "lord knows" how many airshows, but I have to say that the Eurofighter Typhoon just blows me away the more I see it, part of that has to be down to the way that FLT LT Charlie Matthews chucks this jet around the sky, eardrums and car alarms wake-up to the noise and spectacle of this awesome plane doing its thing. I take my hat off to this pilot, fantastic!

Kemble in the sunshine

A fantastic day at RAF Kemble in sunny Gloucestershire this weekend, a well organised and slick show, the highlights being the Role demo with some serious pyrotechnics by the RAF and the truly awesome Typhoon display. Other aircraft that were well shown off included the Venom, Gnat and the P51D "Jumpin Jaques"