Sunday, 24 May 2009

Even more awesome than awesome!!

Well it looked like another wet wasted journey, the rain ran down the Dolgellau "Little chef" windows and we had to force ourselves to head off to Corris, cameras in our bags on our backs when a very early Herc came around the valley and lifted the spirit, despite not getting a shot of it.
In place, cameras ready, the sun broke through....... and then all hell broke loose, a day to "out-awesome" all those great days that have gone before, even more remarkable knowing Jamie Smith the "fast jet scarecrow" was round on "Bluebell" hill.
I missed the GR4 pair as I was just packed for the move across to Cad west, this time I wasn't that bothered!!!
A big thanks to Garry, Graham, Martin and all the others on Cad (afternoon), Jamie for the "heads-up" phone calls.
Most of all a very big thankyou to all the aircrews, but especially the Strike Eagle crews who collectively turned a bunch grown men into excited schoolboys for a few hours, what a fantastic day.


Thursday, 14 May 2009

Just wow awesome

It's been a long wait but on Tuesday it finally all came together and I had the aviation photography equivalent of a lottery jackpot win, me on the right hill with all the settings checked and ready on the cameras, the sun in the right place, and F15Es at the right height and at the right time of day, no more boxes left to tick! theres loads more images on my Flickr site.

Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Cold war jets at Bruntingthorpe

I nearly didn't bother to go to this event, not an airshow as such, but some lovely old jets being taxied up and down, the main draw for me was the Lightnings and their QRA shed, that brings back memories of some great days at RAF Wattisham with my late Dad.
Well I'm so glad I did go because it was a fantastic day out, the noise and smell of jet engines and the sight of the Victor, Buccaneer and Lightnings, especially when belting along the runway, was wonderful; the weather was good and I got some great images; theres more on my Flickr pages too.