Sunday, 28 February 2010

Need a fast jet fix!

I really do need a fast jet fix, I haven't been up a Welsh hill for ages, a combination of too many other demands on my time, my Barn Owl addiction (see my birds blog), the weather and that it's a long journey to Wales and "The Loop" has been lacking in activity compared to how it was last year.
However I have popped into Mildenhall a few times when I've been out that way, had a couple of visits to Luton airport and shot a few "civvies" and I have also started scanning a vast amount of my old slides too, see the F-111F image below (and lots more SR71, Phantoms etc on my Flickr). Now! I know it's easy to look back with "rose tinted specs" on and bang on about how good the old days were.......... but the old days were just awesome!