Saturday, 26 September 2009

Corris and Cad

5 days in the hills (14th-18th) produced a great variety of Images, Monday, Wednesday and Friday being the busy days, Tuesday was a long wait for very little and Thursday was a slow day and what did show up was just a bit too high.
The weather and the USAFE did us proud again, the F15E Strike Eagles from Lakenheath showed up a few times, the passes around Corris on the Wednesday being some of the most spectacular I have ever seen, the moist air produced some serious vapour when the 15's turned.
In all a good mix of jets, some fantastic fast and low Harriers, with the stars of the week being Typhoon's from Coningsby, not seen them for a while, and the Saudi Tonka in a grey paint scheme from Warton.

Sunday, 13 September 2009

2 hills, loads of Eagles!

It was a slow day really, a slow arduous climb to Corris with all my kit on my back; just one Herc and then one pass from the LN boys and a long wait for nowt else until 1:15 when I made the move to Cad west. I missed a Grob tutor on the way up, yes I was that slow!
Afternoon was slow too, two F15Es gave a couple of high passes but a GR-4 did the biz screeching through the notch at perfect height!
Then, just when it seemed like time to pack up and go home, the Strike Eagles showed up again, and again and again in awesome late evening light, fantastic!