Sunday, 28 June 2009

And more Eagles down low

Certainly seem to be having a lot of luck with these of late, F15Es low-level in the valleys, a sight and sound that is seriously addictive, to see these guys generating their own clouds as they speed through Cad is just astonishing!
A big thanks to all the aircrews involved.

Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Totally Loopy

A visit to the Mach loop in the Welsh hills is always a bit of a gamble; bad weather, no planes being the risk one takes!
Last week however was a week that all who do Low-fly photography will remember for a long time! Blue skies and a steady stream of front-line jets and Hercs plus a couple of real show-stoppers like the Warton GR4 and Saudi Typhoon (still in primer), mixed in with it all was a Dominie and several King-air's.
A leg aching time visiting 2 different hills per day to make the best use of the lighting direction, I missed an F3 Tornado during one lunchtime cross-over.
I think I saw more RAF Harriers than I have at any other time too!