Friday, 26 September 2008

USA meets LFA

It was some months ago that I was at the forest gate at Lakenheath photographing F15E's launching out of the zero six end, always a treat for those of us who photograph planes, when an American accent announced "Man there's no better way to see F15's"
......... "weellll actually" I said (without trying to appear too smug) "you ain't seen F15's properly until you've seen 'em in the loop!"
"oh man, I have to see that" was the reply that came after some explaination of what the Mach loop is all about.
Now that James' wife is safely home from serving as a nurse abroad and he's not tied to looking after the family we headed for the hills.
There were some long waits between aircraft, but we saw Harrier's, Tonka's, a couple of Hercules, the Boscombe down Alpha jet, Typhoons and Hawks........ sadly no F15Es, but that can be next time, we have another Low-fly addict; a new "rock rat" has joined the fold.

Thursday, 11 September 2008

Tea-time Typhoon bagged

A very slow day at Cad West today (10th Sept 2008) a slow hard slog up a muddy and very slippery path, a very long wait for any aircraft with the first Hawk pair through at 13:40, and then another pair of Hawks about at 16:00.
The slow and very windy day was brightened by the company on the hill, Lozza, Garry, PeteB, and a Belgian Von-smallhousen, et all; thanks guys it was a good laugh.
Eventually a real smile appeared on several faces when the Boscombe Tucano popped out of Bwlch and headed our way, but it was the crew of "Bravo Kilo" the boy's in the Typhoon that really made the day special and I'd like to thank them for a very memorable and noisy show (didn't sound like my 'Dyson' this time), truly awesome! we all suffered a touch of "excitement tourette's" after that last pass and climbout!
The guys that left early will be gutted to see what they missed....