Sunday, 22 January 2012

Night Eagles

I have been a regular visitor to RAF Lakenheath since the F100 Super Sabres were based there in the 1960's, as I am sure you have guessed I have a big passion for the truly awesome F15 Eagles that currently live there. After so many visits it is always nice to get shots that are different.
So when during November & December the usual pre-flight arming and check area was closed for resurfacing and the north EOR pan was used instead I spent several days photographing the action from so much closer than is usually possible. There were a few run-ins with security at first but once they got the measure of why the plane spotters were there, pressed hard against the fence, it all seemed quite relaxed.
 What I enjoyed most was the opportunity to get night shots, the like of which have not been possible previously, as well as some human element, I am especially happy with the second from last shot "Eagle dancer" which shows the marshaller with blurred jets moving around him,, a slow shutter to catch the movement, but his face, the expression of concentration on the job at hand, is needle sharp! 
A big thankyou to the guys involved and the friendly MODplod boys too!