Saturday, 28 February 2009

Cad west

It had all the makings of being a good day, the rumour mill had F15s and a newly painted Navy Hawk on the menu, but the day got off to a slow start, nice light and no jets for quite some time. However patience was rewarded, two special paint job Hawks, and the F15s showed up, but way too high; The Hercules though gave us two stunning passes and so did a GR4 Tornado and a Typhoon; not a bad day at all in the end!

Friday, 13 February 2009

Cold Corris

With a rumour of F15s likely to be low-level the next day popping up on e-mail at 11:45p.m. I dropped everything and dashed off to Wales, 2 hours kip in a lay-by refreshed me enough to continue to Corris corner and the hard slog up the hill overlooking Tal-Y-Llyn lake, and blimey it was cold up there!
First jet through was a Typhoon, a great pass in not very good light and a fair amount of fine snow, the sight of the "Tiffy" warmed me up; at least it wasn't a "blank" day.
The Hawks from RAF Valley kept me on my toes, several of them came down the valley from Cad..... but as the time for F15Es got closer the fine snow turned to a raging blizzard and we heard the guys RTB on the scanner, disappointing, I've still not had Strike Eagle's at Corris.
The snow got heavier and wetter and it seemed like a sensible option to head back down to the car; with all my kit packed in the rucksack and comfy on my back 2 Tucanos rumbled past, a really good photo-pass too........ oh well, all good reason to go back there again.
On the way home an excited Mike Astles shouted down my phone that I had a Harrier image on the cover of AFM, and sure enough I do, one from Wittering taken Cad west, cheers Mike.

Sunday, 1 February 2009

A Spring-like day on cad east

With forecasts of snow, frost and high winds it was perhaps foolhardy to venture to the top of a Welsh mountain, but the day turned out to be like a mid March spring day with no wind and wam sunshire, not quite shorts and T-shirt, but a fine day and some even finer passes by a good variety of jets.
As always the Hawks from RAF Valley made up the majority, but the new Boscombe based Alpha jet in it's black and white paint-job stole the show, great passes from a Wittering based T12 Harrier and a GR4 from RAF Marham, and a slightly eccentric pass behind the hilltop from a herc too, I can't wait to go back.