Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Perfect weather and a long wait

Gin clear sky and wall to wall sunshine, perfect weather for fast jets an lots of Low-level action... yeah well you would think so!
Day one was a long wait up on the top of Bwlch for 2 Hawks, (one of them was too high really) and a KingAir which happily gave us 2 passes.
With the sun setting we headed down to the cars parked below and just when everything was packed away the "Goldstars" special tail Tornado screeched up the valley and over our heads!

Day 2 held more promise, right up the top at Cad East we scanned empty skies for hours on end, but we had an awesome pass by one of the Valley Hawks, another KingAir and late in the afternoon a Hercules powered through the pass; it really was worth the wait for the Hercules and the Hawk passes particularly.

Sunday, 8 March 2009

Supporting cast

Thursday's excitement at the F15E arriving was added to by the rest of the days aircraft, 3 GR4 Tornados, one went round twice, a Wittering based T10 twinstick Harrier and several Hawks, meant we averaged nearly 3 aircraft an hour!
Friday was spent at Cad west, a much slower day; rain stopped play by mid afternoon, but with the Navy's 100th anniversay scheme Hawk, a couple of other Hawks and a KingAir giving us a few passes it wasn't a blank day.

F15E in the Bwlch

Having been gutted at missing the big F15 show a couple of weeks ago the last thing I would have expected on thursday was that the first jet around Dinas corner would be a twin finned beauty. It had been a toss-up between Cad west an Bwlch too, lucky that the right choice was made as the jet went high over Cad and came around to give us a second pass before going off up the valley to Bala.